Aeravat AI Hackathon

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About Us

When a few of us came together, we embarked on a mission to observe our surroundings, identifying vulnerabilities that individuals expose themselves to, be it friends and family or employees within organizations. Through collective experiences, we realized that ethics will takes centre stage and we took off to navigate the challenges and considerations surrounding Ai. FEA acknowledges the responsibility we bear as consumers of Ai, and we hold ourselves accountable for being vigilant in its consumption, both for personal and business gains. Our unique and diverse community is driven by the primary goal of ensuring that AI benefits all of humanity, while actively mitigating potential risks associated with misuse and biases. Comprising of users, developers, Educators , Technocrats, Thought leaders, Researchers, Engineers, Policymakers, Ethicists, Advocates, and Real consumers, FEA represents a collective effort to foster awareness for ethical AI. Together, we take strides towards establishing ethical guidelines for AI development and use through active dialogue, discussion, and debate. We recognize the crucial role of technology companies, policymakers, and enablers in shaping the ethical landscape of AI. However, we firmly believe that it is also the responsibility of us users to make informed decisions about the ethical implications of AI-powered decision-making, algorithmic biases, and privacy concerns.

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FEA Community, emerges as the essential platform for tackling AI’s ethical challenges. Our mission includes uniting diverse experts, establishing guidelines, auditing for biases, and educating the masses on AI ethics. Recognizing AI’s powerful impact on society, we advocate for its responsible and ethical development to ensure widespread benefits. As we navigate the AI revolution, our community stands as a cautious and necessary guide for ethical considerations. Join us in encouraging dialogues, debates, and discussions on the ethical frontiers of AI

Our Aim

With collective efforts, we aim to address the ethical challenges posed by AI in our country. We strive to ensure AI technologies benefit humanity by fostering teamwork, supporting sound policies, connecting people, and sharing individual knowledge. Join us in shaping the ethical landscape of AI for a better future!

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Our Vision

Promoting Responsible AI Adoption
Ensure that AI technologies are adopted in a responsible and ethical manner across various sectors in India.
Ethical Policy Influence:
Play a key role in shaping AI policies and regulations at the national and regional levels, prioritizing ethical considerations, data privacy, and accountability.
Inclusive Access and Benefits
Work towards providing equitable access to AI-powered solutions for a diverse range of people, including marginalized communities and those in remote areas.
Community Engagement and Collaboration
Foster a vibrant and engaged community of individuals, organizations, and institutions committed to ethical AI, facilitating collaboration on projects, research initiatives, and policy advocacy.
Education and Awareness
Provide educational resources, workshops, and training programs to raise awareness about ethical AI practices among students, professionals, policymakers, and the public.
Transparency and Accountability
Advocate for transparency in AI algorithms and decision-making processes, holding organizations accountable for the ethical implications of their AI systems.
Debates & Discussions
Participate in most urgent and critical debates on topics humanity faces

Our Thinktank

Amritendu Mukherjee
Kiran Talele
Sarita Bahi
Deepak Mundra
Lata Daswani
Siju Narayan
Hardik Joshi
Munish Gupta
Tripti Sharma
Himanshu Sharma
Nimesh Kampani
Varun Joshi

Our Partners


Jyoti Rai
Anurag Kataria

Founding Team

Rajiv Indimath
Shourya Mathur
Devendra Rara
Jenna Narayan
Satvik Thakkar